Employment stats

Student outcome reporting guidelines

Students count as ‘enrolled’ provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Signed the iO Academy Terms & Conditions on time
  • Paid their upfront fee before the start date
  • Completed the finance sign up before the start date (if applicable)
  • Attended first day of the agreed upon course

Upon graduating students are asked which of the following they fall into:

  1. Actively job-seeking in the country they studied with iO Academy (within 30 days)
    1. With the right to live and work in that country for at least 12 months after graduation
    2. Without the right to live and work in that country/a visa that expires within 12 months of graduating
  2. Actively job-seeking outside of the country they studied with iO Academy (within 30 days)
  3. Not actively job-seeking, but plan to in the future (beyond 30 days)
  4. Not job-seeking at all
  5. Planning to become self-employed or start a company

Provided the student does not fall into category 1.2, 3 or 4, they are included in our reporting data.

Students count as graduated if they complete all modules throughout the 16 week course on time and they are awarded with a graduation certificate.

Students who are forced to withdraw from the course due to extenuating circumstances (for instance ill health, caring responsibilities, or death) are not included in graduate statistics. These students are also exempt from being marked as non-completion.

Graduates are then tracked for 90 – 180 days from the date of their graduation to ascertain their employment status, starting salary and job title.

iO Academy will report this data on an annual basis, using our reporting template. This report is made available to download below.

Definition of “Actively job seeking”

This means looking for and applying for jobs on a daily basis. Engaging with the iO Academy team to review graduates CV and cover letter, get help with tech tests etc. Engaging with the #jobs slack channel and requesting help and support from the iO Academy team when needed.

Students must:

  1. Have attended the iO Academy hiring partner event
  2. Be actively searching for jobs on a daily basis. This can include daily job alerts via email.
  3. Apply for a minimum of 5 suitable tech jobs per week for 90 days after graduation*
  4. Ensure their CV and a cover letter has been reviewed by both their trainer and career support team
  5. Seek further assistance from the iO Academy team if they are not receiving an encouraging level of response from their applications.**

*If there are fewer than 5 available new roles per week within commuting distance of the graduate, this cannot be held to be a reflection of the graduate’s employability or iO Academy course quality.

** This assistance may include further CV edits, introductions to employers, advice on job search targeting, interview advice, or tech test practice.