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Overview: My Placement Year at Mayden

Hey – I’m Laurence. I’m a student and spending my placement year working here at Mayden. I wanted to share a bit about my experiences.
The dev teams at Mayden work in scrum, which means I was able to hit the ground running and get involved right from the start of my placement, picking up tasks straight away and working flexibly within the team.

There’s a lot of variety in terms of the kinds of projects I’m involved with. One day I’ll be working on a task I feel pretty comfortable with, and another I’ll pick something that’s new to me and that I’d like to learn about. The team is really friendly and there’s always someone to ask if I need support. It’s a great learning environment, which has meant that I’ve been able to build massively on my knowledge as a developer.
We’re encouraged to put forward our ideas here at Mayden and daily stand-up meetings are a great opportunity to make suggestions. Nothing is set in stone and innovative ideas are what make Mayden such a great place to work.
Mayden has two offices – one in Box and one in Bath, which is where the developer teams live. The office is a big Georgian townhouse on Widcombe Crescent, a short walk from the train and bus station, so it’s quite accessible and surrounded by great places to eat or grab coffee.
We’ll regularly get together for developer lunches and have talks from established developers about how various aspects of the development process could be improved. And there’s pizza.
Hack days also happen pretty frequently. We’ll dedicate a day to working on new projects, either individually or in teams, and will end with a show and tell. Hack days serve as a nice break from the regular work flow and some really cool projects have come from them.
I couldn’t recommend Mayden more highly to other developers and especially to other prospective placement students. If you’d like to talk about joining the team for your placement year, email Chris at chris.eldridge@mayden.co.uk.