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At iO Academy, we’ve been different from the beginning.

Where it
all started.

Rewind to 2015.

Mayden – our parent company – was growing fast, building industry-leading tech for mental healthcare.

But they had a problem: they simply couldn’t find enough skilled developers to keep up with demand.

And it wasn’t just Mayden. Tech companies across the country were struggling with the same problem.

A bright

What if we – Mayden’s developers – could train people ourselves in the most in-demand technologies and methodologies, to be exactly the sort of developers we love to work with?


What if we could create opportunities for people with no previous coding experience, and get them started in meaningful tech careers with loads of potential for progression?

This could do more than just solve our own problem.

It could change lives.

What employers

The team devised a curriculum covering not just the tech skills employers crave, but the things that really make a developer stand out – great communication, teamwork and practical skills in agile working.

Blast off

We found a group of people with no experience but bags of enthusiasm, and ran our first course. The students worked hard, learned a lot and loved working as part of a team in a way that felt like a real workplace, not a classroom.

In 2015, our first class graduated.

The students launched into their first roles as junior developers, and we waited for the verdict…

“They are fantastic!”

Their new employers loved them. 

The grads had a comprehensive grounding in programming fundamentals. They were confident, enthusiastic and experienced. They knew how to work in agile, as part of a team, and to best coding practices.

That was just

the beginning

Five years in, our grads continue to launch into careers they love in an industry that just keeps growing, and we’ve become known globally for the quality of our training.

Want to make your own change? Let us help you.

Meet the team

The whole iO team are here to support you. Along with teaching you the best possible skills, we want you to have a great experience learning with us, and help you on your way to a career you'll love.

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We’re here because we want to help change people’s lives. We’ve built a fun, supportive and social community, and care about making the Academy as diverse, welcoming, and accessible as possible.

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