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Swift, concise and effective; Our Software Developer Essentials coding bootcamp is a streamlined online course packed with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a professional software engineer.

Join us for 12 weeks of intensive remote training and kick-start your new career in tech.

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What's so great about it?

  • Become a software developer in just three months

  • Small classes of just 12 trainees per trainer

  • Award-winning trainers with industry experience

  • Build your portfolio with four practical projects

  • Specialist careers advice and support

  • Access our network of 80+ industry partners

  • Learn Agile project management

  • 0% interest study now, pay later finance available


What you'll learn

Our industry-approved curriculum packs all the essential knowledge you’ll need to start working as a software developer into just 12 weeks.

Through a combination of theory sessions and practical projects, we’ll make sure you graduate with the skills you need to get stuck in straight away and the ability to confidently learn new tech in the future.

For the first two weeks, you’ll use a range of resources including videos, blogs and practical exercises to explore HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and start building your own interactive web pages.

This part of the course is self-directed but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to check in with your trainer and classmates for support.

It’s time to dive into the real-time sessions with one of our experienced trainers. You’ll expand on the skills from the first two weeks, begin building more complex layouts and make the transition from web pages to web applications.

We’ll also look at tools such as Bash and Git so you can start coding to industry standard best practices.

It’s time for your first project week. You’ll build your own personal portfolio website ready to fill with the work you complete throughout the course and beyond.

Your portfolio is the perfect way to say “Hello, World!”, showcasing your skills and personality to potential employers as you continue your journey as a software engineer.

There’s more to modern applications than just HTML and CSS so this week we’ll take a deeper look at front-end technologies. You’ll explore CSS preprocessors, modern JavaScript methodologies, and start learning React, a JavaScript framework.

For your second project, you’ll be working as a team as you experience building a scalable, maintainable React application using a range of modern libraries and use a backend API to send and receive data.

In the words of Bon Jovi (sort of): “Woah, you’re half way there!” It’s the midpoint of the course and time to switch from learning front-end to back-end (or server side) development.

You’ll be introduced to PHP, server side development concepts and set up a local Docker environment.

This week you’ll build on your back-end knowledge as we introduce databases. We’ll explore storing and retrieving information from MySQL databases using SQL, and discuss complex data structures along with related cyber security concerns.

It’s time for another project: building your first API. Using PHP and MySQL you’ll create a JSON API that interacts with a React front-end.

By now, you’ll be ready to take on some more advanced topics like object-oriented programming and design patterns. We’ll also explore application architectures and the SOLID principles.

This week we take things to the next level with PHP frameworks. You’ll learn the principles, patterns and skills to pick up any modern framework with ease. We’ll cover MVC, autowiring, factories, Dependency Injection Containers and much more.

In the last week of the course you’ll be just a few days from graduating as a fully fledged software developer. But not before you undertake one more practical assignment. This is your chance to really flex your coding muscles, utilising everything you’ve learned to complete your final showcase project.

Fees and funding

The financial stuff

The fees for the course are £8,500; that’s about the same as buying an eight year-old Ford Focus (but significantly more likely to result in a life-changing experience!)

We offer a number of flexible payment options including:

  • Full up-front payment
  • Split monthly payments
  • Interest free deferred payment plans

In our commitment to supporting your career in tech, we’ve collaborated with StepEx to introduce affordable financing options tailored to your needs.

We appreciate the diverse paths individuals take to pursue education and career goals. With StepEx financing, we aim to make these paths more accessible by allowing you to split your tuition fees into manageable monthly payments:

• Crafted for those seeking financial flexibility, allowing repayment through manageable monthly instalments.
• Interest-Free
• Equal monthly payments over a fixed period of time.
• First repayment starts 3 months from the course end date.
• Available options include repayment periods of 12-month, 24-month and 36-month.

For more details, visit the StepEx website.

The above financial offers and the credit provision itself are provided by StepEx Lender Ltd, a consumer credit lender authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 824928.

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From our students

Katy Evans

Website Developer at DoodleLearning

I chose to enrol on a remote course with iO Academy. It was the best decision that I've ever made! I would not be where I am now without it - a full time web developer.

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Get connected

Landing a role in a new industry isn’t just about what you know, but who you know. We’re connected with 80+ Industry Partners, from startups to SMEs and international corporations, who know the value that our graduates can bring to their business.

We partner with iO Academy to find the best talent for our entry-level roles. Their foundational training is exactly what we are looking for when growing our team.

Rosie Connors People & Operations Lead, ON

Staff and alumni

Our coding community

All of our trainers have stacks of industry experience and know exactly what it takes to be a successful developer, so you’ll be in the best of hands! Throughout the course they’ll also provide support, mentorship and specialist careers advice.

Once you graduate, you’ll have access to our Alumni Network where our former trainees – many now in mid and senior level positions – keep in touch, sharing tips, advice and relevant vacancies.

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We keep our class sizes small to make sure you get the attention and support you need.


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This course is crammed full of essential content to work through with your team and trainer five days a week.



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By the time you graduate you’ll have four fantastic projects in your portfolio ready to show to potential employers.



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Learn everything you need to become a professional software developer in as little time as a single university semester.


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