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Coding Quick Start

Essential tech training for absolute beginners. Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript in just eight weeks.

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Your intro to coding

Learn to code, build your skills and maybe even discover a new tech obsession in just eight weeks. The Coding Quick Start is a part-time evening class designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of programming and web development.

We’ll teach you everything you need to build your own interactive websites from scratch, create personalised templates and understand key coding concepts as you learn three core programming languages of the web: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

If you’re curious about coding but not sure if it’s the career for you, want to create and customise your own websites or just want to learn valuable new skills for your current job, this is the course for you!

Fees and funding

How much and how do I pay?

The Coding Quick Start costs £400. That gets you a total of 20 hours of live contact time with your trainer (that’s just £20 an hour; less than driving lessons or learning the trumpet!)

Course fees can be paid upfront in full or split instalments.

What’s more, if you attend our Full Stack Track or Software Developer Essentials coding bootcamps within 12 months of completing this course, you’ll receive your Coding Quick Start fees back as a discount.

Diversitech fund

Learn to code for free

A 100% discount on Coding Quick Start course fees is available to individuals from groups underrepresented in tech including female, non-binary, transgender, ethnic minority and disabled applicants as well as parents/guardians returning to work after a career break.

Visit our Diversitech page to find out more.


What you'll learn

We think developing new skills should be challenging but enjoyable so we’ve specifically designed the content of this course to make sure you learn plenty without getting overwhelmed.

The Coding Quick Start consists of one live two-and-a-half-hour online evening class per week for eight weeks plus a series of practical exercises and challenges to be completed between sessions.

Get to grips with the first fundamental language of the web: HTML. We’ll take a look at how it’s used to give web pages their structure and explore some of its most useful features for building websites.

In this session we bring a second language into the mix: CSS. You’ll learn how CSS and HTML interact and discover how we can use CSS to add style and personality to our web pages.

This week, we’ll dig into more complex page layouts using one of the more advanced features of CSS: Flexbox. You’ll also learn at how to use the box model to fine-tune the position and spacing of our page elements.

Modern websites need to be responsive to different screen sizes so users get the best experience regardless of what kind of device they’re using. You’ll explore some of the tools used to make sure your pages look their best on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

It’s time dive into JavaScript, the programming language universally used to make webpages interactive for users. We’ll look at why it was created, how it works and discuss some of its fundamental features to give us a solid starting point moving forwards.

Building on what we learned in Week 5, we’ll cover how to use JavaScript to interact with the HTML on our webpages. We’ll look at how to link our JavaScript with different elements of our pages, and the type of things we can use JavaScript to change.

In the final content session, we’ll explore how to perform actions within our JavaScript code when a user interacts with the webpage.

It’s time for the final exercise of the course. You’ll choose from a selection of mini projects and spend the session putting all your new skills to use, with your trainer at hand if you need any help or guidance. We will also reserve some time for a Q&A session where your trainer can offer you advice on where you might want to go next on your coding journey.

From the team

Ashley Coles

iO Academy Trainer

Learning to code can be daunting but it's an incredible experience! In the last three years I've had the pleasure of taking dozens of students with zero experience and teaching them all the skills they need to start their coding journey.

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Entry requirements & applications

The Coding Quick Start is open to pretty much anyone. You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge of coding; that’s the whole point, after all!

We’ve structured the course so that most applicants working typical business hours in the UK will be able to complete the course while in full-time employment. You’ll just need to make sure you’re available Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 8:30pm for the duration of the course.

View our course FAQs to find out more.

The full application and onboarding process should take no more than two weeks to complete. Simply fill out the short application form below to secure your place.

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