Get skilled. And then get hired.

We aren’t just here to turn you into a developer. We’re here to help you get you a job as one.

Tech connected

We work with 60+ tech companies across all sectors, and of all sizes—local, national and international. Our industry partners are invited to review our curriculum, give guest lectures, attend project sprint reviews, and of course, meet our students. We work closely with them to ensure what you learn is exactly what they need, and make sure you are introduced to the right people.

We have won numerous awards and are ranked by SwitchUp as the 6th best coding bootcamp in the world, so are recognised in the tech industry as being best in class.

A project-packed portfolio

The Full Stack Track includes regular projects through the course, using skills from a curriculum approved by tech companies. This embeds what you learn, but also means that you can prove your abilities to employers with your own portfolio site, Git repositories, and impressive collection of projects, as well as real experience working in a scrum team.

Career skills to impress

In the later half of the course, we will take you through how to structure and write your developer CV, how to succeed in tech interviews and how to assess a developer job description, along with insight from our industry partners on what they are looking for in an applicant. Following this you will write your CV, which will be reviewed by your trainer. Your trainer can also act as your referee if needed.

Meet our industry partners

Throughout the year, we hold networking events for our students and industry partners to meet each other. In an informal setting, you will meet potential employers with open roles or upcoming vacancies. These companies know that iO Academy graduates are skilled, motivated, and respected, and are keen to meet you.

Opportunities for growth

We have a channel in the Academy Slack where we share job opportunities as soon as we spot them. But more than that. We also share other ways to make your mark in the tech world. Become part of the community at meetups, networking events and conferences; flex your skills with volunteering and hackathons; share your knowledge by giving a talk, writing an article, or running a workshop. We’ll make sure you have plenty of chances to do that little bit extra to stand out.

Support that goes beyond

Following graduation we continue sharing opportunities from industry partners, tech companies, and agencies, and you can always get in touch with us if you need any advice or guidance. After several years of experience, when you are ready to move on to mid or senior roles, we can even help to connect you with hiring partners who are looking for developers at a more advanced level.

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