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We have full stack developers graduating throughout the year, looking for roles across the UK. Consider us your talent pipeline.

iO Academy industry partners can:

  • Attend our networking events to meet new developers
  • Give guest lectures
  • Feedback on our regular curriculum updates
  • Attend student sprint reviews
  • Support our Diversitech Fund
  • Access our alumni network of more experienced devs

Becoming an industry partner is easy. Just say you’d like to stay in touch with us, and we’ll let you know whenever we have a new crop of developers eager to work for a company like yours.

“iO Academy graduates are absolutely phenomenal, they have exceeded our expectations!”

Chris Newton, VP of Engineering at Immersive Labs

How do we know what you need?

Because we’ve been there.

iO Academy started as a way for healthtech company Mayden to gain the sort of software developers they needed to keep growing.

Being developers, the team at Mayden were problem solvers. They decided that the most straightforward way to get the best possible new developers was to make them themselves. They created a course tailor-made to cover the most up to date, relevant, and practical skills in tech, delivered by professionals with real industry experience.

It worked. What was going to be a one-off turned into a talent solution that other tech companies wanted in on. So we kept going.

Years later, we’ve kept the same commitment to quality, professionalism, and teaching the skills that real tech companies need. We’ve achieved global recognition for our training, and become leaders in bringing more diversity into the tech industry.

We still train the sort of developers that we’d like to hire ourselves.

But now you can, too.

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