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More than how to code

Looking for a software development course that offers more than your average coding bootcamp? Want the best of the best? The gold standard? With small classes, 600+ contact hours, and an industry-leading curriculum delivered in-person by our experienced developers, this may be just about the best way for you to learn software engineering. There’s a reason the Full Stack Track is recognised as one of the best coding bootcamps in the world.

Over 16 weeks of intensive coding training at our training centre in the beautiful city of Bath (consistently voted the best place to live and work in the UK), you’ll get everything you need to begin your new career as a software developer, plus a bunch more!

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What's so great about it?

  • Small class sizes

  • Experienced trainers

  • Industry-approved curriculum

  • Agile Professional Certification

  • A portfolio of projects

  • Introduction to employers

  • Practical experience in Agile

  • Guest lectures from industry experts


What you'll learn

The Full Stack Track will give you all the skills you need as a new developer. You’ll get lots of projects, a curriculum approved by the tech industry, and a thorough foundation in the principles of programming. We’ll make sure you come out with not just the skills that are needed right now, but the ability to confidently learn new tech in the future.

Want to be certain you’ll be learning to a high standard but don’t yet know what all of this means? Share our curriculum with someone who already works as a developer. We’re confident they’ll tell you we teach everything you’ll need.

To get everyone to the same level before starting the course, all students complete a range of free online courses covering PHP, HTML and CSS. We have over 40 hours of content to help get you ready for day one.

Learn to build accessible static websites using HTML and CSS. We’ll take a look at cross browser compatibility, user experience and browser dev tools. We will also learn about the internet, HTTP, pair programming and code reviews.

Time to start your first full scale project! You’ll be building a portfolio website ready to fill with the projects you complete throughout the course and beyond, showcasing your skills and personality – ready to take to potential employers when you graduate.

This module will provide a solid foundation in programming principles. You’ll learn basic language constructs, control flows, data-types and data structures. We will explore storing and retrieving data from various databases including MySQL using SQL and MongoDB. This will also be your first exposure to PHP, and we’ll make sure you fully understand the underlying concepts. We’ll also introduce you to Bash and Git so you can start coding collaboratively.

Time to take your programming skills to the next level. This week you’ll learn unit testing, coding standards, cyber security, Regex and object-oriented programming. 

We’ll also train you in Agile project management. With your Agile Professional Certification under your belt, you’ll work on the remaining projects on the course using Agile.

This week you’ll begin using your new skills in database design and programming to create a collector application, allowing users to store items in a collection and display them. Previous students have built collections of Pokemon, computer games, guitars and even house plants.

You already have the ability to build static websites with HTML and CSS – now it’s time to learn JavaScript to make websites more interactive. We will look at DOM manipulation, AJAX, debugging and a few popular JavaScript libraries.

Everyone’s favourite project. This week you’ll be building a JavaScript based computer game using your new skills. Working as part of a team, you’ll learn about collaborative coding and the true power of Git.

This week we’ll take a deeper look at front-end technologies. Modern applications use so much more than just HTML and CSS. We will learn about CSS preprocessors, modern JavaScript methodologies, and start learning React, a JavaScript framework.

Time to put your new skills into action with a team project building a React application. You will use a backend API to send and receive data for your application to practice building a scalable, maintainable React application using Bootstrap and other modern libraries.

By this point you’ll be ready to take on some more advanced principles, including DRY and SOLID. We’ll also explore object-oriented programming in more depth along with application architecture.

This week, you’ll build your first RESTful API, implementing SOLID OO practices and design patterns. Our focus will be on code quality and best practice, preparing you for life as a professional developer.

This week we take things to the next level by looking at PHP Frameworks. You’ll learn the principles and patterns behind modern frameworks, and gain the skills to pick up any modern framework with ease. Learn about MVC, autowiring, factories, Dependency Injection Containers and much more.

You’ll also find out how to write a tech CV and get advice on programming interviews at our career advice day.

This is your chance to practice using all the skills learned up to this point on a real world product. The whole class will work as a team on AcademyPortal: the in-house application that we use to manage the academy. It’s built on Slim Framework, and together you’ll use your new framework skills to fix bugs and build new features.

This week you’ll be looking at Node.js and architecture. Take a deep dive into back-end JavaScript with Node.js, and learn about JavaScript application architecture and using MongoDB. We will also learn about JavaScript unit testing with JEST and discover what exactly is a microservice.

In the final theory week we’ll focus on taking your programming and problem-solving skills to the next level. You’ll learn more about React including working with TypeScript, React libraries and advanced debugging techniques, and get the chance to practice the sort of technical tests you’ll come across in job interviews.

In your final week you’ll work in a team of four students to build your final project, and can choose where you want to focus: back end, front end, or full stack. This is your chance to really flex your skills and utilise everything you have learned in a stand-out project for your portfolio.

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We appreciate the diverse paths individuals take to pursue education and career goals. With StepEx financing, we aim to make these paths more accessible by allowing you to split your tuition fees into manageable monthly payments:

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• First repayment starts 3 months from the course end date.
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From our students

Lucia Velasco

Software Developer at Intel

I'm now a successful developer and scrum master, and I use knowledge learnt on the Full Stack Track daily. I loved the course. Every minute of it.

From the team

Mike Oram

iO Academy Trainer

One of the reasons I like being a trainer at iO Academy is being able to teach people in the same way I learned myself – with a very practical, project-based focus.

Industry connections

Get hired

Tech companies know that iO Academy graduates are highly competent, motivated and great to work with. Whether you’re looking to join a creative agency, a startup or a corporate; to work in publishing, tech for good, healthcare or finance, we can connect you with employers that can’t wait to meet you. Here are just some of the companies who are keen to meet iO graduates.

iO Academy graduates are absolutely phenomenal, they have exceeded our expectations!

Chris Newton, VP of Engineering Immersive Labs
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A place to learn and grow

We care about your journey, and about making the tech industry fairer and more diverse.

We are proud to have built a wonderful community of students and alumni who care as much as we do, and to have created a place where we can talk openly about mental health, inclusion, and our personal challenges.

Intensive learning can be hard, but you’ll have a group of people who have your back.

About iO


Facts & Figures


students per class

Supportive learning

We keep our class sizes small, so you get the experience of a tech team, not a lecture theatre.


contact hours

We make time for you

Our trainers will be by your side, supporting you every day of the course, five days a week.


backend languages

PHP and Node.js

We’re one of few bootcamps that will give you knowledge of two backend languages rather than just one - making you even more employable.



A fantastic portfolio

You’ll do seven projects through the course, resulting in a portfolio that shows off everything you’ve learned.


in-class exercises

Regular practice

The course is packed with practical exercises so you’ll learn by doing. Because we know it’s the best way to embed your understanding.


coding challenges

Optional extras

We’ll give you optional coding challenges to try at home. But don’t worry if you prefer to rest at the weekend - recovery time is important!


guest lectures

Get industry insight

You’ll hear from around twenty guest lecturers through the course, and will learn about the interesting ways different companies work with tech.


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