Supporting people from underrepresented groups to kick start a new career in tech.

We believe the best, most innovative teams are made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take charge of their career. And we know that the deck is stacked against minority groups. 

We created the Diversitech Fund to support people of all backgrounds to kick start their careers in tech. 

The fund offers a discount on course fees for iO Academy’s Full Stack Track course to people from groups that are underrepresented in the industry, including – but not limited to – women, Black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The fund is awarded on a discretionary basis, and may range from several hundred to several thousand pounds. It is awarded based on a combination of factors including level of underrepresentation, level of financial need, and other types of adversity.

The fund is made possible through donations from forward-thinking tech companies who want to see change in the industry. The available budget for iO Academy to award is therefore variable; at some times there may be less available funding than at others, according to what levels of donation we have recently received.

Diversitech funding can be combined with deferred tuition, which gives students the chance to defer the course fee until they have graduated and have their first coding role. 

You can apply for Diversitech Funding after being accepted onto the Full Stack Track.

With thanks to the generous contributions of our hiring partners, including Altran, ON, Play Sports Network, LoveHoney, blubolt, Seccl, Gradwell, RIVIAM, Mayden, Redington, and We Start Fires.


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