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How much does it cost?

The fee for the Full Stack Track course is £11,000.

Can I defer payment?

Yes. You may decide to pay the full fee up front, borrow up to 100% with EdAid or 80% with Knoma, or do a mix of some upfront payment and some deferred. We work with these providers to make the course financially accessible to as many people as possible, and try to be as flexible as we can.

Options to pay

We are happy to accept payment for the Full Stack Track upfront, if you would prefer not to use a third party finance provider. After signing your acceptance form we can send an invoice for the course fee, which you can then pay by bank transfer. The due date for the payment will be the day before your course start date.

Upfront course payment can be split over 4 monthly instalments. After signing your acceptance form we will send an invoice for the fees with four payment deadlines spread over four months. The first instalment will be due the day before your course start date, and then each consecutive month for the next three months after that.

Study now, pay later. EdAid payment plans allow you to defer the cost of your tuition fees until after you’ve graduated and started earning, completely interest free.

After you graduate, you’ll have 3 months before your payments begin. Following this, and only once you have started working, monthly payments are calculated as 12.5% of your pre-tax income.
There is no deadline for which you need to pay the balance back, meaning if your income were to drop and your payments were lowered, you will not be under pressure to meet a repayment deadline.

Payments are automated and run on the 1st of each month. You have the flexibility to pay off larger amounts should you wish, at any time with no fees or penalty.


EdAid is available to UK and EU nationals. Students must have the legal right to live and work in the UK, have a UK National Insurance number, a UK bank account and a UK or EU passport. Any non-UK national must be able to prove they have been living and working in the UK for at least 3 years.

Knoma allows you to borrow up to 80% of the Full Stack Track course fee (with the other 20% paid upfront) and then repay over 12 months.

Repayments are interest free, fee free, and paid monthly. They begin from within 30 days of signing the loan agreement, and continue over a 12 month repayment period.

Students may select their preferred payment date for each month as part of the setup process. At any point they may also get in contact with the Knoma support team to arrange a different date of collection.

You can choose to pay off the loan early at any point. No fees or penalties are applied for early repayment.


Knoma accepts applications from anyone who is a UK resident. Citizenship may be either UK or any other nation. The applicant needs to have been living in the UK for a minimum of 12 months, with a UK address and bank account. There is a basic credit check that is performed quickly and easily online.

Diversitech Fund

Discounted fees for individuals from groups which are disadvantaged or underrepresented in the tech industry

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