Fees and funding


We want to make sure the people who build tech are as diverse as the people who use it. Be part of the change.

When iO Academy (previously Mayden Academy) first started, we knew one of the things we wanted to do was to get new people into tech. Not just people without the traditional CS degree looking for a different career. But people who were underrepresented in the industry and didn’t even think this was an option for them.

We all know by now that a diverse team is an innovative team. Beyond that though, we simply think that making the world fairer for everyone is the right thing to do.

We know we can’t do this alone. So we work with companies like yours to make change possible.

Support our Diversitech Fund

Our Diversitech Fund is here to help reduce fees for underrepresented and disadvantaged students.

It’s made possible by donations from companies who want to help make the tech industry fairer.

These are mostly our industry partners, who are invited to make a voluntary donation of their choosing whenever they hire one of our graduates. However any company who would like to support the fund as part of their social responsibility aims are welcome to contribute.

Since starting the fund, our enrolled women and non-binary students have gone from the industry standard rate of 17%, to exactly 50%. Those students then go out and work for companies like yours, instantly making positive cultural change and diversifying teams.

Diversitech Fund supporters include: Mayden, Seccl, LoveHoney, Redington, Play Sports, Riviam, Altran, Gradwell, We Start Fires, QPHL, MadeByOn, Cushon, Blubolt, Ghyston.

Sponsor a student

Some companies want to do more, and support an individual who really needs it. Someone with potential to thrive in the right environment, who can become a future role model for others, and bring positive change to whoever they work for.

A full individual sponsorship could encompass:

  • Covering course fees for the student
  • Providing them with a mentor from your tech team
  • Offering them a paid internship after graduation
  • Offering other forms of support for them while they study

We can help to identify the sort of individual you are looking for from our Diversitech Fund applicants. If you already have someone in mind, we can assess them for the course.

We can offer:

  • Help finding and assessing an individual
  • Trainers and staff with an understanding of diverse needs
  • A supportive alumni community for the individual
  • Connections to supporting organisations in the wider tech community

What else is possible?

We are always working to make our course, culture, and contribution to the tech community as inclusive and innovative as possible.

If you have another way you’d like to work with us to support diversity, let us know. We’re keen to hear your ideas.

Want to help get more diversity into tech?

Talk to us. We'd love your support.