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Become a stand-out candidate for a career in software development

We’ve just finished confirming places for this year’s Mayden Academy intake. Congratulations to those who were successful! We received over 100 applications, and were really impressed with the quality and calibre of the candidates across the board.
For those that didn’t make it this time, we hope you’ll consider applying again next year. There are a few things that will really strengthen your application.  
Show up
Join us for a Mayden Academy open day – this is your first opportunity to make an to meet the tutors, learn about the course and make an impression. Introduce yourself, ask questions and get to know the course and the company itself.
Submit a strong application
Our first formal point of contact with a potential student is often their application form. A well-written, clean and clear application shows attention to detail and reassures us that you’re an effective communicator – an important place to start!
Grow your interest
Our best applicants across previous intakes have been able to demonstrate their enthusiasm for a career as a software engineer through the coding exercises they’ve completed, the things they’ve built, and languages they’ve started to learn in their spare time. You don’t have to be an accomplished dev – far from it. What we’re looking for is evidence that you’re keen and passionate about software development.
Show your interest by getting started under your own steam and beginning to learn the basics of coding. You could start by building your first webpage or your own website to share with us at interview. There are a few resources we’d recommend to get you started:
Codecademy Learn the basics of the essential web programming languages through interactive coding tutorials and challenges.The best place to start your programming education.
Udemy Affordable beginner and intermediate level courses, taught by experts and designed to take you to the next level in your education.
Team Treehouse Some fantastic free introductory videos to spark your passion for programming and show you what it is all about. This paid subscription service gives you access to web development tutorial videos from beginner to expert level. It’s great for HTML/ CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
YouTube There are lots of free, guided ‘code-along’ tutorials available to help you start building your first applications.
W3schools A comprehensive online guide for web languages, W3schools teaches web technologies step by step. It’s is the perfect resource when starting your own project.