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Start your mornings right

Work environments can be quite unhealthy – sitting in the same position all day, working on tasks that require lots of focus and energy for sustained periods of time, and repeating the cycle day in and day out…
Getting your mornings right might just help you break the cycle. A lot of business and leadership speakers talk about the importance of the morning routine – check out 5 Rituals That Predict Success from Robin Sharma.
Getting your morning routine right can help get you in the right frame of mind to make the most of your day. Below are a few things that have worked for me. Give them a try and see how you get on.

Practicing mindfulness brings you back to the here and now. When we’re stressed, we tend to start thinking about future possibilities and building upon them. We’re actually better off giving our attention to the current moment. Mindfulness and similar practices can help bring our attention and energy back to the present, reduce stress and negative feelings about future possibilities, and maintain a calm and positive outlook. Read more about mindfulness here.
Mobility is the practice of moving as far as your body lets you, within your range of motion and at low intensity. It’s not meant to raise your heart rate or to make you sweat, but rather to make you more aware of your own body. It also helps keep your joints healthy among many other benefits, and you can do it in just a few minutes.
Try this five minute mobility routine.
Cold Therapy
This might not be for everyone – and you should consult with your doctor first before practicing it – but the research around cold therapy shows that it can have a very positive impact on health and immunity, as well as giving you an energy boost that will keep you performing at your best. People who practice cold therapy will start the day with a cold shower or take a quick dip in the river or the sea.
Check out the Wim Hof method to find out more.

These are a handful of practices you might find helpful. They’ve worked for me, so think about giving them a try, or find your own way to kick start your mornings.