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Two devs on a sofa: special guest Adam from Redington

Welcome to our new hiring partner, Redington.
Adam Jones, CTO of our newest hiring partner Redington, met us on the Engine Shed sofa in Bristol last week to say hello.
Redington’s aim is to make 100 million people financially secure and they’ve even kicked off a charity offering financial education for children through play, called Redstart.
After its birth in London, Redington is now expanding to the South West and setting up in Bristol. In this episode, Adam touches on the history and growth of the company and why Bristol’s rich tech community makes it the perfect place to branch out to.
Adam and his team are hosting an intro event to the Bristol tech community on 5th September. Over drinks and snacks, they’ll share their core mission, talk through their current projects and even a couple of their past growing pains. The more the merrier so if you want to pop by, they’d love to say hi.
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Redington’s event
Engine Shed, Bristol