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Why I Want to be a Developer… and Other Tales

This week, in celebration of National Coding Week, we’re featuring blogs from our new Mayden Academy students. Today, we hear from Ross…
I have spent the past three years completing a BA in Music at Plymouth University. Having always been interested in technology, my degree allowed me to focus my interest in Music technologies. This expanded into programming musical tools for performance and for the differently abled, using a GUI based programming environment called “Max/MSP.”
I found creating and solving issues in my own programs so rewarding that I decided to pursue a career in coding. I had created digital products which functioned in ways that commercially available systems could not. This element struck a chord with my musical sensibilities and helped me to clarify my aspirations.
My experience and knowledge was limited, so I needed a training placement. Being part of the Mayden Academy team is my ideal job; an exciting mix of learning, earning, and developing my career prospects for the future. I am extremely excited to be working and learning in such a vibrant, interesting and friendly environment.
I look forward to the challenges ahead of me and anticipate learning a great deal in a short time frame.
Ross, Mayden Academy