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Meet Neal: iO Academy Trainer

Meet Neal: iO Academy Trainer

Hi, I’m Neal and I’m a trainer at iO Academy.

Once upon a time, there was a standard route into software development: university, then a job as a junior dev. That’s what I did. And then I worked for organisations both large and small, in sectors from finance to telecommunications, in various towns and cities. I used quite a few programming languages and gained experience in all the phases of the development lifecycle. Along the way, I even spent a few years as a college lecturer in computing and IT.

During a career break, I reflected on my previous roles and realised two things: One, I wanted to get a masters degree before returning to full-time employment. Two, yes I enjoy writing code, but I enjoy helping others learn how to do it even more. Back to university I went. And it felt good to prove you’re never too old to learn!

With that off my bucket list, I took the plunge and became a freelance trainer. Over several years I delivered courses to a wide variety of interesting people. An opportunity within a large training organisation came along, which I took. Then, I saw a provider successfully blending the personal touch with a high quality learning experience: iO Academy. And here I am!

I guide trainees on their journey to becoming confident and competent developers. I encourage them to explore, to ask questions and to share the things they learn. And to have some fun along the way! The best thing about my job is seeing a trainee have an “A-ha!” moment and the look of satisfaction when their code works.

Outside of work, I like to eat out, go to the theatre, and watch TV – particularly football and sci-fi series.

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