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Meet Richard: iO Data Science Trainer

Meet Richard: Data Science Trainer 1

Hi, I’m Richard. I’m a Data Science and Machine Learning Trainer at iO Academy. I live in sunny Cape Town, but teach online.

I also work as the Lead Data Scientist for an international cryptocurrency platform. I started my career in engineering, moved into finance, and finally settled happily in data science. My data science work has exposed me to a number of industries, namely management consulting, travel, financial services, and cryptocurrency.

I’ve been involved in online teaching since 2013, where my most recent assignments have been acting as an Adjunct Professor for the Universidad de Valle de Guatemala, as well as a Learning Facilitator for the MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy short course. I’m currently a part-time PhD candidate at North-West University, where my thesis is related to anomaly detection in a financial services context.

My favourite part about teaching is that I get to give back to the data community, providing students with a practical, real-world perspective of the various applications of data science and machine learning. I love programming in Python, and I’m looking forward to teaching you the skills that have made such a massive impact in my own career.

See Richard’s data science experience on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardstevenball/

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